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Cleco Tools

Cleco Tools

Cleco Tools

Cleco has long been recognized as the assembly tool standard against which all other brands are measured. With over 100 years of precision manufacturing experience built into each tool, Cleco tools provide users the ultimate in light and medium duty assembly tool performance. Cleco's long standing tradition of service to the customer has led to development of an extensive line of pneumatic tools with configurations to suit a broad range of applications.

Cleco Screwdrivers

Cleco Inline Screwdrivers Cleco Pistol Grip Screwdrivers

Inline Screwdrivers

Pistol Grip Screwdrivers

Cleco Nutrunners

Cleco Angle Nutrunners Cleco Swingbar Nutrunners
Angle Nutrunners Swingbar Nutrunners
Cleco Flush Socket Nutrunners
Flush Socket Nutrunners
Cleco Crowfoot Nutrunners
Crowfoot Nutrunners
Cleco Hold and Drive Nutrunners
Hold & Drive Nutrunners
Cleco Pulse Nutrunners
Pulse Nutrunners

Cleco Wrenches

Cleco Impact Wrenches
Impact Wrenches
Cleco Ratchet Wrenches
Ratchet Wrenches
Cleco Tube Nut Wrenches
Tube Nut Wrenches

Cleco Balance Arms

Cleco Balance Arms
Balance Arms